UNM United Way Campaign - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are several frequently asked questions and answers about United Way.

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You can also drop or mail your Pledge forms to the University Controller's Office located in the John & June Perovich Business Center - MSC01 1300.

How will my donations to United Way help those in NM affected by COVID-19?

Now more than ever, UWCNM is helping our community recover, reimagine and rebuild. We’ll work with community partners to bolster their ability to meet increased need for help. This includes providing rental assistance, childcare assistance, affordable housing, and other services that help families and individuals become or remain housed via the Covid-19 Recovery Fund.  You can learn more about the various ways your donations to UWCNM can help those affected by COVID-19 in NM at www.uwcnm.org.

What percentage of my donation will go to United Way?

Ten percent of donors’ tax deductible gifts will be allocated to the work of UWCNM.

If you have designated your entire UWCNM contribution to another non-profit and have not allocated at least 10 percent of the total gift to the work of UWCNM, the gift your designated entity will now receive is the remainder of money left after the necessary UWCNM investment of 10 percent has been met. This may in turn affect any membership benefits you will receive that are tied to the gift amount, so please calculate accordingly.

If you are already supporting UWCNM’s work, with 10 percent or more of your total donation going to the UWCNM Community Investment Fund or one of UWCNM’s specific programs (e.g. COVID-19 Recovery Fund, DEI United Fund, Mission: Graduate, Women's United Fund, Tax Help New Mexico, etc.), then any other portion of your gift designated to a non-profit of your choice will not require an additional 10 percent allocation to UWCNM. Please note that any designation to a non-profit out of United Way must be at least $24 for the year.

Why does the online pledge form ask for a campaign code?

If you are using Internet Explorer and you get a page asking for a Campaign Code, Username and Password, you will need to add the URL https://donor.united-e-way.org to your trusted sites in your Internet Explorer security settings. If you do not have the appropriate desktop security privileges to make these changes, you can use another browser such as FireFox Mozilla to login into the myUNM portal to access the online United Way website.

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What if I pledged last year?  Will pledges rollover this year?

Yes, if you are a UNM payroll employee and you pledged during last year's campaign, your pledge will rollover and continue during 2022.

Why make a contribution?

Making a contribution is a very personal decision, especially if this is your first time. Just $3 per pay period can make a big difference, especially when giving to the Community Impact Fund. The charities supported through United Way and your contributions, along with those of your coworkers, have a great impact in our community and on the quality of life for all those living in Central New Mexico.

Why contribute money through monthly payroll deductions to United Way?

Making a payroll deduction is one of the easiest ways to support the charities you care about.  A monthly or bi-weekly deduction may be small or large depending upon your own personal level of support. However, when added to those of your coworkers, the impact on our community is enormous.

Am I able to make my contribution online?

Yes, you will be able to make your pledge or contribution online. Go to the myUNM webpage, click on the UNM United Way bullet located under Human Resources and follow the easy instructions.

Where does my money go?

90 percent of your contribution goes either to the designated charitable organization of your choice or 100%, when choosing the Community Impact Fund or other United Way programs.

What is the Community Investment Fund?

The Community Investment Fund combines your gift with those of your coworkers to create a BIG impact! Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, keeping children safe and empowering the disabled and elderly are just a few examples of what giving to the Community Investment Fund can accomplish.  Last year, over $3.3 million was granted to 80 nonprofit agencies.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, United Way contributions are only made to IRS recognized 501(c)3 organizations and will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

May I designate local as well as national charitable organizations?

Yes, whether it is your local church, SPCA, arts organization, your alumni association in another state or your favorite museum; all are eligible for funding through United Way if they have 501(c)3 IRS designations.

When will payroll deduction start?

For those employees choosing a payroll deduction, your deductions will begin in January 2022.

Donate Online!

You can also drop or mail your pledge forms to the University Controller's Office located in the John & June Perovich Business Center - MSC01 1300.