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2016-2017 Campaign Changes

Important Update About the Fall 2016 United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) Campaign

As an institution that values community spirit and a commitment to helping those in need, our partnership with United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) is a source of organizational unity and pride. Through annual campaigns coordinated across the various UNM communities, our faculty, staff and employees have contributed millions of dollars to charitable programs and organizations within our own community over the years.

UNM will continue this tradition of philanthropy in the fall, by encouraging our faculty, staff and providers to consider participating. However, we do want to make you aware of a new UWCNM donor giving policy taking effect: 10% of donors’ tax deductible gifts will be allocated to the work of UWCNM.

For the past 18 years, UWCNM has been able to forward donor gifts to any eligible 501 (c)3 non-profit, thanks to the Corporate Cornerstone Program that covered the administrative costs of UWCNM. But, with an increase in UWCNM strategic and impact work and a decrease in corporate support, beginning in January 2017 at least 10% of your gift will now be invested in the work of UWCNM.

If you have designated your entire UWCNM contribution to another non-profit and have not allocated at least 10% of the total gift to the work of UWCNM, please be aware that starting in January 2017, the gift your designated entity will now receive is the remainder of money left after the necessary UWCNM investment of 10% has been met. This may in turn affect any membership benefits you will receive that are tied to the gift amount.

For example, if you wish to give $100, and the entire gift is designated to a specific non-profit not associated with UWCNM, the total dollar amount the non-profit will receive now is $90, with the remaining $10 (10%) being invested in the work of UWCNM. If you make your donation with a credit card, a 3% credit card fee is also deducted from your contribution amount.

If you are already supporting UWCNM’s work, with 10% or more of your total donation going to the UWCNM Community Fund or one of UWCNM’s specific programs (e.g. Mission: Graduate, Women’s Self-Sufficiency Fund, Tax Help New Mexico, etc.), then any other portion of your gift designated to a non-profit of your choice will not require an additional 10% allocation to UWCNM. Please note that any designation to a non-profit must be at least $30 for the year.

UNM continues to partner with UWCNM because we believe in their work and the support they provide to our community. The UWCNM Community Fund provides program grants to qualifying agencies in central New Mexico, allowing these top-performing charitable organizations to advance the common good and create a stronger community. By supporting UWCNM, you are directly contributing to causes that enhance the well-being of the residents of central New Mexico.

We encourage you to support the important work of UWCNM and continue to use them as your vehicle for charitable giving, but we understand that you may wish to give directly to a non-profit of your choice to ensure they receive 100% of the donation.

If you wish to support a UNM program, scholarship or focus area, you might consider giving through the UNM Foundation.  The UNM Foundation does not charge a processing or credit card fee, ensuring that 100% of your gift is directed to the UNM area you wish to support (e.g. scholarships, lectureships, programs, centers, schools, colleges, athletics, and many other scholarly and healthcare endeavors). Your donation through the UNM Foundation is tax-deductible. Employees wishing to support a specific UNM area can make their gift online at  Employees who wish to support UNM through payroll deduction can obtain a payroll deduction form from your UNM Gives representative.