United Way & UNM

The University of New Mexico has been a proud supporter of the United Way for over 27 years. Our participation in the United Way Campaign goes far beyond supporting the annual campaign. Many faculty, staff and students volunteer with UWCNM, participate in events, and help year round through service and volunteering.

In Denver, Colorado, 134 years ago, a priest, two ministers, a rabbi and a woman came together to improve community conditions. Their collective efforts brought about the United Way, which is now the largest nonprofit organization worldwide.  This group of individuals saw the need to do something collectively in order to improve the social conditions in their community, and more than 130 years later, this still holds true.

United Way of Central New Mexico is a local, nonprofit charity governed by local people (with a Board of Directors) and serving the people of Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties. We bring people and resources together to measurably improve lives and strengthen our communities.  We accomplish this by forging unlikely partnerships, finding new solutions to old problems, and mobilizing the best resources and inspiring individuals to join the fight against a common foe.

We endeavor to be a place where problems are solved through community involvement and by measuring results. United Way of Central New Mexico exists to change lives for the better. All of our lives are enriched as we connect with each other to help those in need.

For information about United Way programs, visit www.uwcnm.org

Donating is easy and there are many options available. You can choose to donate to any of the United Way programs or you can designate another organization you’re passionate about, too.  As we struggle with the challenges of COVID, a small donation from every Lobo can potentially have an enormous cumulative positive impact on our state.

As United Way of Central New Mexico's strategic and impactful work increases, we are asking our community to support our mission and programs. In order to provide critical community support, 10 percent of all donors' tax deductible gifts will be allocated to the work of UWCNM. There will also be a $24.00 minimum total gift donation to a designated agency. There is no minimum gift to the United Way's work. If you choose to make your gift via credit/debit card, there will be an additional 3 percent fee.